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Bubble Boy

"They Don't Like It When You
Tap On The Glass, Timmy!"

He's at it again! That famous street magician David Blaine has hit the streets of New York City once again to promote his latest ABC special: David Blaine: Drowned Alive (sounds sort of like an oxymoron, doesn't it?) But speaking of morons, only this guy could tie up Lincoln Center by placing himself in an 8 foot plexiglass bubble aquarium for one week as he prepares himself for another Great Escape.

"My iPod Is Waterlogged!"

This time, after spending a week in the bubble (allegedly to prepare his body for the strain of staying underwater for nearly ten minutes - but in reality preparing the media for another promotional photo op) The Amazing David will then be released from his plastic prison, only to then be wrapped in 150 pounds of chains, and then re-submerged back into the bubble - sans air tank this time - where he will attempt to escape the chains that bind him while continuing to hold his breath for at least somewhat longer than 8 minutes and 58 seconds - the current world record held by The Soon-To-Be-Not-So-Amazing Martin Stepanek.

Here's hoping that he makes it. Personally, I think it's kind of convenient that the time it will take to escape his chains will directly correspond with breaking the world record for current breath-holding is pretty Amazing in itself. If he really wanted to make the trick more dramatic, he could've worn the chains for the week he's in the bubble. Escaping from rusty chains? Now, I'd actually tune in to see that!

"You Think This Is Bad,
You Should See My Dick!"


Alas, The Great Blaine did not break the world record for breath-holding. As the nation held their breath while watching David attempt to complete his stunt on live TV, he unfortunately began to lose his mojo around the 7 minute mark. A rescue team was deployed into the tank to help free him from the ankle chains (so what was the big deal with the emphasis on 150 pounds of chains, anyway? He only had his wrists and ankles handcuffed!) and a disoriented and disappointed Blaine was then pulled out of the bubble. He addressed the crowd, telling them he loved them all, then he was whisked away to a local hospital, where it was later confirmed that he did indeed suffer from liver damage and some serious wrinklage of his appendi. I'll leave it at that.

Nice try, anyway, David. Like the old saying goes, To Air Is Human.

Here's a nice clip from happier times....

Well, from the sound of least two people enjoyed his stunt!

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