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Why Do You Think They Call It The KillaCycle?!

Killa Bill On A Better Day

We thought it would be fun to attend this year's Wired NextFest at the Los Angeles Convention Center and take some videos to share with our viewers. So, we did. And we posted our videos on YouTube so that everyone on the World Wide Web would be able to enjoy them, and thus increase our exposure (we're always looking for ways to expose ourselves).

First up, our lame little videos. We got to see an interesting demonstration of a wireless big screen TV....

And of course, the inevitable robot demo.....

Nice enough videos, you might say. But we know what you're thinking; "If you've seen one Korean robot in the likeness of Albert Einstein, you've seen them all".

However, we didn't think that we would be out-YouTubed by an incident that happened at the event the day prior to our attendance. But, we were. Those fine folks over at got the scoop of the weekend by interviewing the inventor (and destroyer) of the world's fastest motorcycle, the "KillaCycle".

We'd love to post the YouTube video here, but those fine folks over at TGDaily have disabled the thing from blog-sharing, so we'll do them a huge favor anyway and post a link to their site where you can watch the actual interview and demontration and subsequent crash of the KillaCycle here.

(waiting for you to come back)

Yes, it was quite a demonstration. Imagine straddling a virtual rocket-on-wheels (they declare that the cycle can go from Zero to 60 mph. in less than one second!) and not thinking to put on some sort of protective gear. Say, maybe something like - oh, I don't know.....a HELMET??!!!!

Here's a few screen captures from the video of what happened....

Inventor Bill Dube during interview...

Inventor Bill Dube prepares for burn-out....

Inventor Bill Dube attempts a burn-out.....

Inventor Bill Dube loses control of burn-out.......

Inventor Bill Dube goes from Zero to Flat in .09 seconds....

Inventor Bill Dube gets loaded up for a slow ride to the E.R.

We're happy to report that Mr. Dube is fine. A little bruised up - both physically and egotistically - but no major damage. He even posted on his official Killacycle website that his fast-ass motorcycle was okay, despite a being a little bent. He's obviously a little bent, himself, if you ask us. But hey, there's no such thing as bad publicity. After all, he did a great job of stealing our thunder. And we're really looking forward to seeing what this nutcase does next!

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