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The Archives

Up Against The Wal-Mart

Coming To A Living Room Near You!
Did you know that Wal-Mart is the world's largest company, and yet many of their employees make below poverty level wages? Did you know that over half the employees of WalMart cannot afford the health insurance offered by the company? And did you know there's a new documentary being released this month that exposes all the evil-doings of Wal-Mart? And did you know you can help to promote the film?! Well, now you do...
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Hang 'Em High

S _ D D _ M
T R I _ L
After nearly 2 years since his capture and arrest, the trial of The People Of The World vs Saddam Hussein FINALLY got underway today in Baghdad, proving that the Iraqi judicial system is just as screwed up as America's judicial system...
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Fortune And Fame

J.D. Fortune
Instant Rock Star
After a grueling 3 month reality TV audition, J.D. Fortune was selected by the 80's rock band INXS to be their new lead singer during last Wednesday's grand finale CBS semi-reality series, Rockstar:INXS. Fortune went from literal rags - living out of his car in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada - to virtual riches in a matter of a summer. A dream come those who still care about rock and roll, that is...
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Survive This!

Richard Hatch
Gets Reality Check
Richard Hatch is up a creek without his paddle. The original winner of the original million dollar grand prize from the original edition of 'Survivor' was indicted Thursday by a grand jury on 10 charges, including failure to pay taxes on the $1,000,000 grand prize, as well as other charges including filing a false tax return, wire fraud, bank fraud and mail fraud. Not exactly a good idea to try and outwit, outplay or outlast the IRS...
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The Old Man Potter Awards 2005

The 1st Annual
OMP Award Goes To...
Times are tough.
But not for everybody. That is, not if you're the Chief Executive Officer of a major multi-million dollar corporation in the United States of America! Most likely for you, it's a wonderful life.

I Read It On The Internet - or better known by it's acronym IRIOTI - has decided to pay tribute to some other acrimonious acronyms....the CEOs that were paid INXS for 2005...
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Who's Your Diddy?

"Make Room For 'Diddy'!"
In an announcement that has shocked the Hollywood community - and very possibly the rest of the free world - rapper Sean ("John".."Puffy"..."Puff Daddy"..."P. Diddy") Combs has decided yet once again to change his name.
"It's the era of 'Diddy'" Combs has somehow decided. And with that decree, Sean (or whatever he's called) now wants to 'drop the P' and from now on and henceforth wishes only to be known as 'Diddy'. ...
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The Robot Will See You Now

"Greetings, patient."
"Please inform me of your illness."
As if you weren't already paying through the roof for your insurance premiums, waiting weeks for a doctor appointment, and receiving substandard treatment, here's another thing to raise your blood pressure....the Robot Doctor!

That's right, currently in a couple of major hospitals (John Hopkins, UCLA Medical Center) the latest in non-invasive doctor care is being tested with the appearance of DR2D2, a motorized robot that is run by a doctor, somewhere far, far away...
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Gr8 Expectations

"We Are The Third World."
"We Are The Starving Children."
Sir Bob Geldof came out of retirement this year and managed to pull off another Nobel Peace Prize-worthy accomplishment of getting the music industry to band together for the sake of poverty-ridden Africa. Over the 4th of July weekend, Sir Bob along with a little from his friends, staged another momentous concert, topping his previous personal best of Live Aid from way back in 1985...
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Facing The Music

Ebony & Ivory
It has been suggested that Michael Jackson is just a child at heart who has never really grown up. He loves Peter Pan, he loves children, he loves to climb trees on his Neverland Ranch, and he loves to pretend he lives in a make-believe world where people don't think of him as a delusional sideshow freak...
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X-Ray Visions

The Man With
X-Ray Visions
Troy Hurtubise is a man of vision. X -ray vision, that is. He has created a device that can see through walls. That's right, an X-ray vision machine! The 'Angel Light' as Hurtubise has dubbed it, has gotten the attention of MIT, The Discovery Channel, the French government, and Simon barSinister...
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England Swings...And Pays The Price

"I'm Guilty. No, wait..."

On Wednesday, a military judge threw out Private First Class Lynndie England's guilty plea of abusing Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison, saying he was not convinced the Army reservist knew her actions were wrong at the time. "She was obviously just confused." stated the totally impartial judge...
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And In Still Older News....

Extremely Dirty Politics

Beyond Mud-Slinging

If you think the mud-slinging was bad during the recent election here in the States, that's nothing compared to what's been going on in the Ukraine during their current election for a new Prime Minister. Mud-slinging? Try poisoning!

Viktor Yushchenko, the opposition candidate for the presidency of the Ukraine, has experienced a dramatic and horrifying illness - just within the past six months! The liberal reform candidate was ruggedly handsome and athletic as recently as this past August, but now his face is ravaged by scarring, and he suffers from back pain and multiple ulcers. How could such a thing happen?!

Many in the Yushchenko camp suspected the results could've come from dioxin poisoning. Dioxin is a super-toxic chemical that is second only to radioactive waste! Some have suspected that the poison could've been slipped into Yushchenko's soup earlier in the year during the campaign. Yushchenko initially won the November 21st election, which was annulled by the government's Supreme Court. The incumbent prime minister of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovitch, obviously is fighting a hard battle to keep his job!

Yanukovitch: "Mess with me?! Nyet!"

Just this week, doctors confirmed that indeed, Yushchenko's doctors appeared to bear out his long-stated allegations that he was poisoned as part of a plot to kill him. His illness kept him out of the early stages of the campaign and left his face bloated and pocked. "There is no doubt," Dr Michael Zimpfer, president of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic where Yushchenko is undergoing treatment, told a news conference in the Austrian capital." There were high concentrations of dioxin, most likely orally administered."

Zimpfer initially declined to comment on whether the dioxin could have been due to accidental poisoning or contamination and said it was a question for Ukrainian authorities. But he later said the hospital believed the poisoning had been deliberate. "We suspect a cause triggered by a third party," he said. "It would be easy to administer in a soup that contains cream."

Yushchenko has accused Ukrainian authorities of poisoning him, but told reporters he does not want to talk further about the allegation until after the runoff vote has been rerun on Dec. 26.

"I don't want this factor to influence the election in some way either as a plus or a minus," he said in Russian. "This question will require a great deal of time and serious investigation. Let us do it after the election today is not the moment."

We live in a cruel and dangerous world.

Lay Down For The Counts

Ken Lay On Judgement Day

Former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay pleaded innocent Thursday to federal charges that he was involved in his company's attempt to deceive the public, company shareholders and government regulators about the energy company that he founded.

The new indictments, now totaling 53 counts, accused Lay, Skilling and Causey of enriching themselves through salaries, bonuses, grants of stock and stock options.

It names Lay in 11 counts: one of conspiracy, two of wire fraud, four of securities fraud, one of bank fraud and three of making false statements to banks. If convicted on all counts, Lay could receive up to 175 years in prison plus fines possibly totaling more than $5.7 million. However, he may only have to serve 150 years for time off with good behavior.

Lay Flashing His 'Get Out Of Jail Free' Card

The collapse of the Enron Corporation in late 2001 cost investors billions of dollars, put thousands of Enron employees out of work and wiped out retirement savings for many. The company became a symbol of corporate greed and excess, and its fall was followed by a string of scandals at other companies.

Here's a fun little quiz! Put these famous quotes that apply to Ken Lay in chronological order...

A) Greed Is Good
B) The Rich Get Richer
C) You Reap What You Sow
D) Instant Karma's Gonna Get You

If you guessed A - B - C - D you guessed correctly.

Ken Gets Cuffed

Because of Lay's shady business tactics, er uh, 'alleged' shady business tactics, thousands of Enron's workers lost their jobs, and the stock fell from a high of $90 in August 2000 to just pennies, wiping out many workers' retirement savings. And yet Ken was able to post his $500,000 bond within minutes. I feel good about our judicial system!

Bush: "I've never seen this man before in my life!"

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